What IS Boilerplate Code
Reusable software - a short introduction.
In programming, boilerplate code is a piece of software that can be reused without changing much. The whole idea behind a starter (sometimes boilerplate code) is to skip coding that piece of code common to many projects.
AppSeed workflow uses boilerplate code to generate usable, production-ready starters.
Boilerplate code provided and actively supported by AppSeed:

Sample Project

Volt Dashboard Django - open-source dashboard generated by AppSeed in Django Framework. Volt Dashboard is a free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Dashboard featuring over 100 components, 11 example pages and 3 plugins with Vanilla JS. There are more than 100 free Bootstrap 5 components included some of them being buttons, alerts, modals, datepickers, etc.
Volt Django - Open-source Boilerplate Code
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