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The official documentation of the service.

Research & Innovation-oriented Company that aims to help developers and startups speed up their go-to-market for strategy via production-ready starters, world-class support, and custom development services.

AppSeed - Automation platform for developers.


AppSeed is a platform that uses in-house developed automation tools to cut the manual work usually involved in web development.

The App Generator is an automated workflow that consumes flat, lifeless UI Kits and builds starters in different patterns and languages: MVC, two-tier architecture, full-stack,SPA ..etc.

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The product is self-funded, mainly driven by open-source and comunity members connected to the service via diferrent funnels (Email, Newletter) and Discord (2k+ members).

Services and Products

👉 Open-Source and PAID Starters

AppSeed provides starters crafted in different different technologies and patterns. Here are the main categories:

👉 Premium Support

The support is provided via Email and Discord using a continuous 24/7 schedule.

👉 Custom Development Services

Our team can assist you create new custom software solutions, improve existing services, modernize legacy systems, and integrate new technologies.

✅ Other Products

This section lists all other products actively supported by AppSeed.

👉 Django App Generator

This service is a 2nd generation App Builder, that helps anyone to generate Django Apps in No-Time

Django App Generator - Service provided by AppSeed

👉 Simpllo, an open-source site builder

Simpllo is an open-source site builder that helps anyone to create landing pages and websites on top of modern UI Kits.

Simpllo, an open-source site builder - - Service provided by AppSeed

👉 DeployPRO

A service that hekps anyone to manage the deployment like a PRO. Works with AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, and GCP (soon).

DeployPRO - Manage the deployment like a PRO. Works with AWS, Digital Ocean, Azure, and GCP.

For more information regarding our company feel free to get in touch with us using: