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What is AppSeed​

​AppSeed is a platform that uses automation tools to generate production-ready seed projects enhanced with basic modules, authentication, database, and deployment scripts on top of modern UI kits provided by our amazing partners: Creative-Tim, CodedThemes, Themesberg, and other well-known agencies.
Such projects can be used in many contexts by developers and designers:
  • Start a new project and code specific features on top of the existing codebase
  • Extract and integrate the UI files into a legacy project
  • Beginners can use the codebase for learning purposes
Starters are provided in different patterns and technologies under permissive (MIT, LGPL) or commercial licenses:


Support is an important part of our business model. A good product, in order to be useful, should have good support. We are providing support for all our products using two tiers:
  • Free Support via Github (issues tracker) - 24h response time
  • Fast Support - for registered AppSeed users.
    • Email Support <support @ appseed.us> - 6h (or less) response time
    • 24/7 LIVE Support via Discord - with high priority for commercial products


Latest Products

Berry Dashboard - Premium Full-stack Starter

AppSeed for Beginners


Where to go from here

  • Browse AppSeed and find a starter for your next project
  • Access the support page in case you need help
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