App Generator

Build React, Vue.js Full-Stack Apps integrated with Express, Laravel, Flask backends in no-time.

A developer can get a Full-Stack app in many ways: using the app generator, check the latest starters from our official Github repo or using Yeoman. Theoretically, all of them are providing the same stuff, but the app generator will perform supplementary checks and tests, making the delivery 100% stable.

Note: The generator can be used by developers, without an account.

Using pre-built Apps

Most of the apps are free and open-source. Feel free to choose a category

Using Github Starters

Note: The repo can contain untested code.

Using Yeoman

The official Yeoman AppSeep wrapper

npm install -g yo
npm install -g generator-fullstack-apps
yo fullstack-apps


For support please access the official support page or contact us directly on Discord.