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Django Soft Dashboard ENH

Dashboard built by AppSeed in Django on top of Soft Dashboard PRO - Manual Coded Version.

This product is manualy coded on top of the generated version Soft Dashboard PRO

v1.0.13 - release date 2023-08-14


  • UI Kit: Soft Dashboard PRO (Premium version)
  • Bootstrap 5 Design (no jQuery dependency)
    • Light/Dark Mode
    • 50+ pages: Charts, Dashboards, Multiple Layouts
  • SQLite Database, Django Native ORM
  • Session-Based Authentication, Forms validation
  • Deployment scripts: Docker, Gunicorn/Nginx
  • Improved Authentication
    • Visual password strength indicator (registration)
    • Suspend user after 3 failed login attempts
  • New Feature: User Profiles
    • Extended User profile
    • Added Superusers
    • Image upload via FTP

Soft UI Dashboard PRO - Premium Django Starter

✅ Improved Authentication

The codebase has been update to support some new features:

  • Automatic user suspension on consecutive failed logins
    • Limit saved in configuration
    • Password strength indicator (registration page)

FTP Storage

The feature is activated via the .env settings. Sample configuration:

ftp_username = <FTP_USER>
ftp_password = <FTP_PASS>
ftp_server_url = <FTP_SERVER_IP>
ftp_port = <FTP_SERVER_PORT>
upload_url = <WWW_ROOT_FOR_IMAGES>

✅ Extended User Profile

  • Users are able to edit their profile:
    • Full Name, address, phone number and ZIP Code
  • Upload their profile image
    • If the FTP_UPLOAD feature is active

✅ Users Management

Note: Feature reserved for superusers

  • List all users
  • Edit the information
  • Suspend/unsuspend the users

✅ Resources