Install MySql on Windows
Learn how to install MySql on Windows based systems
MySQL is an open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) where data is organized into one or more data tables in which data types may be related to each other.
SQL is a language programmers use to create, modify and extract data from the relational database, as well as control user access to the database.
In addition to relational databases and SQL, MySQL implements a relational database in a computer's storage system and manages users.
Step 1 - Download the installer
Download the MySQL Installer from
MySql - Select Installer for Windows
Execute the installer
  • Accept the license (mandatory action)
  • Select the installation type: developer (recommnended), server-only or custom
  • Complete the configuration process by following the on-screen instructions
Install a visual client - MySQL Workbench
This tool allows us to interact with the server, create new databases, visualize existing data and make SQL queries.
MySql Workbench - Visual Installer
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