Support services provided by AppSeed.
Because the support activity is considered an essential part of our business, all starters (free and pro) are actively supported via these official channels:
  • ​Discord Server for 1-1 assistance and community support
  • GitHub Issues Tracker:
    • ​All-in-one tracker where AppSeed PRs are centralized
    • Issues tracker for each repository published on GitHub

⚙️ Support Tiers

  • ✅ Free: Monday-Friday, Email & Discord, 10-18 EET (East European Time)
  • 🚀 PRO: 24/7 fast support, PRO accounts ONLY

🚀 Pro Accounts - $49/year

Note: The subscription is managed by GUMROAD (cancellable anytime). Here are the benefits:
  • 🚀 24/7 fast support via Email and Discord
  • 🎁 40%OFF applicable to all products & licenses
  • ✅ Lifetime Updates (all products), usually limited by the license to 6mo or 12mo.
  • ✅ Private Access to all internal tools: OpenAPI Editor, parsers and generators.
For more information please access the official support page or send us an email using the official address.