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Full-Stack React Purity

Premium Chakra UI Dashboard designed by Creative-Tim, coded as a full-stack product

Full-stack version of React Purity PRO, a premium design crafted by Creative-Tim now usable with multiple API Backend Servers: Node JS, Flask, Django. The UI comes with pre-configured JWT authentication powered by a Unified API Interface that makes this product compatible with more than one backend: Node JS, Flask, Django.

Full-Stack React Purity - Charts page, crafted by AppSeed and Creative-Tim.

Product Dependencies

To successfully compile and use the product, please make sure your workstation has the right tools installed and accessible in the terminal window:

  • Node JS 12.x version (or above) - used to build both parts (frontend & backend)
  • GIT versioning command-line tool - used to clone the sources from Github
  • A code editor: VsCode or Atom
  • Ability to work in the terminal window

Product Features

The product aims to help developers skip over the basics and start faster a new full-stack product already enhanced with authentication, a pixel-perfect UI powered by production-ready backends. The fact that makes this full-stack product unique is the JSON-API compliance over multiple servers:

  • Node JS API: Typescript, Flexible persistence (SQLite, Mongo), TypeORM, Validation
  • Django API: JWT Authentication over DRF, SQLite, Docker
  • Flask API: powered by Flask-JWT-extended, SQL-Alchemy, Docker

By default, the UI redirects the guest users to the login page. Once the user is authenticated, all private pages are unlocked.

Implemented JWT Authentication Flow: Login, Logout, Register.

Full-Stack React Purity - Sign IN page, crafted by AppSeed and Creative-Tim.

How to use the product

Full-stack React Material Dashboard is built using a two-tier architecture where the UI is decoupled from the backend API server and communicates using requests secured by JWT tokens. The recommended way to start using this full-stack product is to follow a simple setup:

  • Step #1 - Build and start the backend server
  • Step #2 - Build and start the React UI
  • Create a new user via the registration page
  • Authenticate and access the private pages
  • Add your magic on top of the existing codebase.

Start the Backend API

As mentioned before, the UI is configured to work with many backend servers that share a common API interface: Django, Node JS, Flask. Based on your license (free or commercial) the access is granted to the request API Server. On this page, we will compile and start the free version of Node JS API (open-source product).

👉 Step #1 Clone the sources

$ git clone
$ cd api-server-nodejs

👉 Step #2 - Install dependencies via NPM or Yarn

$ npm i
// OR
$ yarn

👉 Step #3 - Run the SQLite migration

$ yarn typeorm migration:run

👉 Step #4 - Start the API server

$ npm dev
// OR
$ yarn dev

The API interface used by the API is a simple JWT authentication layer that exposes the following methods:

    • /api/users/register: create a new user
    • /api/users/login: authenticate an existing user
    • /api/users/logout: delete the associated JWT token
    • /api/users/checkSession: check an existing JWT Token for validity
    • /api/users/edit - edit the information associated with a registered user

At this point, the backend API should be & and running on address: http://localhost:5000 and we can move on with the setup and build the React UI.

Start the React UI

The React Datta Able being a commercial product, a license is required before getting access to the source code. In case you don't have a license, please access the product page and purchase one.

👉 Step #1 - Unzip Sources

$ unzip
$ cd react-datta-able-pro

👉 Step #2 - Install dependencies via NPM or yarn

$ npm i
// OR
$ yarn

👉 Step #3 - Start in development mode

$ npm run start
// OR
$ yarn start

Backend Integration

The backend API server address is saved in src/config.js.

const config = {
API_SERVER: 'http://localhost:5000/api/' // <-- The magic line

Purity UI Dashboard

Designed for those who like modern UI elements and beautiful websites. Made of hundred of elements, designed blocks and fully coded pages, Purity UI Dashboard is ready to help you create stunning websites and webapps.

React Purity Dashboard (chakra ui) - Premium React Template from Creative-Tim