OAUth - Get Github Secrets

Steps to retrieve OAuth Github Secrets
This page explains how to retrieve OAuth Github Secrets that can be used later in Github Social Login.
👉 Step #1 - Access your Github account
In the profile menu (right top corner) access the settings option.
OAuth Github - Settings Menu
👉 Step #2 - Access Developer Settings (from the sidebar)
OAuth Github - Developers Menu
👉 Step #3 - Access OAuth Apps
Click on the new OAuth App in order to create the application
OAuth Github - Create OAuth APP.
👉 Step #4 - Edit the OAuth App Settings
  • Application name
  • Homepage URL
  • App Description
  • Authorization callback URL
OAuth Github - Edit OAuth APP Settings.
Make sure only HTTPS connections are used, otherwise the settings are not usable.
👉 Step #5 - Generate OAuth Client Secret
Make sure the Secret Key is saved because the value is not revealed later on.
OAuth Github - Generate APP Secrets.
👉 Step #6 - Save Settings
Once the page is saved, we can use the Client ID and Secret KEY provided by Github.
OAuth Github - Save APP Settings.
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