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OAuth GitHub Secrets

Steps to retrieve OAuth Github Secrets

This page explains how to retrieve OAuth Github Secrets that can be used later in Github Social Login.

OAuth, which stands for "Open Authorization," is an open standard and protocol for secure authorization and authentication on the internet.

It allows users to grant third-party applications limited access to their resources or data without sharing their login credentials. OAuth is widely used by web and mobile applications to provide secure access to services and data from other providers (known as "resource servers") on behalf of a user.

✅ Access your Github account

In the profile menu (right top corner) access the settings option.

OAuth Github - Settings Menu

✅ Access Developer Settings

OAuth Github - Developers Menu

✅ Access OAuth Apps

Click on the new OAuth App in order to create the application

OAuth Github - Create OAuth APP.

✅ Edit the OAuth App Settings

  • Application name
  • Homepage URL
  • App Description
  • Authorization callback URL

OAuth Github - Edit OAuth APP Settings.

Make sure only HTTPS connections are used, otherwise the settings are not usable.

✅ Generate OAuth Client Secret

Make sure the Secret Key is saved because the value is not revealed later on.

OAuth Github - Generate APP Secrets.

✅ Save Settings

Once the page is saved, we can use the Client ID and Secret KEY provided by Github.

OAuth Github - Save APP Settings.

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