Dashkit PRO
Premium dashboard styled with Bulma CSS crafted by CssNinja agency.
Dashkit is an incredible Bulma dashboard that comes with numerous customizable and reusable components. Dashkit features an amazing set of components to jumpstart your next project. The product is built with Bulma and Alpine JS and also features a Spruce JS store if you want to use it in your project.
Built with:
  • ​Bulma CSS v0.9.1
  • ​AlpineJs - minimal framework for composing JavaScript behavior in your markup
  • ​Spruce - lightweight state management layer for Alpine.js
Dashkit - Premium Bulma Dashboard.

Product Features

Handcrafted UI - Dashkit is not another generic template. It has a strong personality and is built with the Bulma CSS framework.
Modular Code - Dashkit's code is modular and lets you easily add and remove elements, to match your business specifications.
Solid Layouts -Multiple and different layouts are available to kickstart your app, like Chat, CRM and analytics products.

How to compile DashKit

Being a commercial product to get access to the source code please access the official page and purchase a license. Once you have the source code downloaded a minimal programming kit should be properly installed and accessible in the terminal.
Once all the tools are installed we can start compiling the code.
Step #1 - Change the directory inside the sources
$ cd dashkit-pro
Step #2 - Install modules via NPM or Yarn
$ npm install
// OR
$ yarn
Step #3 - Compile the sources and generate the HTML files
$ npm run dev
// OR
$ yarn dev
If all goes well, we should see Dashkit PRO running in the browser.
Dashkit - Bulma Dashboard Charts.