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API Server Flask

Open-source API Server crafted in Flask using JWT Authentication and SQLite.

Simple Flask API Boilerplate enhanced with JWT authentication, SqlAlchemy, SQLite persistence and deployment scripts via Docker. It has all the ready-to-use bare minimum essentials.

v1.0.7 - release date Feb 11, 2023

API Interface - for full description please access API Unified Definition

    • /api/users/register: create a new user
    • /api/users/login: authenticate an existing user
    • /api/users/logout: delete the associated JWT token
    • /api/users/checkSession: check an existing JWT Token for validity
    • /api/users/edit - edit the information associated with a registered user

Flask API - Open-Source Project by AppSeed


  • Python3 (Python2 is not supported)
  • Flask==2.1.2
  • flask-restx==0.5.1
  • Flask-JWT-Extended==4.4.1
  • pytest

Getting Started

👉 Step 1 - clone the project using GIT

$ git clone
$ cd api-server-flask

👉 Step 2 - Install dependencies (using a virtual environment)

$ python3 -m venv /path/to/your/virtual/environment
$ source <path/to/venv>/bin/activate

Install dependencies in once the virtualenv is activated

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

👉 Step 3 - Prepare the environment

$ export
$ export FLASK_ENV=development

Or for Windows-based systems

$ (Windows CMD) set
$ (Windows CMD) set FLASK_ENV=development
$ (Powershell) $env:FLASK_APP = ".\"
$ (Powershell) $env:FLASK_ENV = "development"

👉 Step 4 - Initialize the database, check for shell context

$ flask shell
>>> from api import db
>>> db.create_all()

👉 Step 5 - Start the API server

$ python
// OR
$ flask run

Visit http://localhost:5000 in your browser. The API server will be running.

Project Structure

The codebase has a simple, intuitive structure where is responsible to bundle and start the API Server using the setup coded by the api folder:

├── api
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ ├──
│ └──
├── Dockerfile
├── README.mdx
├── requirements.txt

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