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NextJS-related topics for beginners and medium-skilled programmers.

Topics (sorted from easy to advanced)

  • Building a URL shortener application with Next.js and an API.
  • How to implement Two factor authentication in Next.js.
  • Building a recipe application with Next.js.
  • Building a job listing website with Next.js.
  • Building a resume creator with Next.js and ChatGPT. (User can upload image on one side of the page, and add other sections which can be AI generated based on the user’s prompt, and preview and print the resume).
  • Building a reviews application with Next.js & a backend SaaS (professionals create an account and can share their URL with other users who then rate and drop comments on their skills).
  • Building a jewellery store with Next.js and a payment gateway.
  • Building a blogging website with Next.js and
  • Building a stock taking or supermarket store application with Next.js and Firebase/Node.js (an admin panel - where grocery items are added, and a client side for staffs where they can add items that are being sold, so there should be a reduction in the number of items present in the stocks)
  • Building a chat application using Next.js and Firebase