ImportError: cannot import name 'safe_str_cmp' from ''
This page explains How to Fix ImportError: cannot import name 'safe_str_cmp' from ''
​Werkzeug, the core dependency of Flask, is a comprehensive WSGI web application library. Version v2.1.0 deprecates a few helpers, including safe_str_cmp. Here is the update history:
pbkdf2_hex, pbkdf2_bin, and safe_str_cmp are deprecated. hashlib and hmac provide equivalents.
Remove the pbkdf2_hex, pbkdf2_bin, and safe_str_cmp functions. Use equivalents in hashlib and hmac modules instead.

How to Fix

Freeze the Werkzeug to the latest stable version prior to v2.1.0. The recommended version is Werkzeug==2.0.3.

Sample Project

To see this hot fix in action, feel free to check this sample project saved on Github (MIT License)
​Flask Datta Able - open-source Flask Starter generated by AppSeed
Flask Datta Able - Open-Source Seed Project
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