Flask v2.0 Release
Flask v2.x version summary
This page summarizes all updates provided by version 2.0 of Flask.

Flask 2.0 highlights

Starting with 2.0 version Blueprints can be nested under each other. This feature might improve the design of complex products.
Flask Shell
Tab completion is now supported for all registered entities (variables, classes)
Config from file
Re-add deprecated Config.from_json, which was accidentally removed early.
Improved CLI errors
When an app could not be loaded, errors are displayed instantly when the development server is active.
FLASK_DEBUG is deprecated
Replaced by FLASK_ENV, a more current environment variable.
Language Detection
langdetect package is used by default.
Improved Static files cache - on development
Browsers will cache static files based on file content rather than a 12-hour refresh time frame.

Free Starters upgraded to Flask 2.0

Soft UI Design - Flask 2.x Free Starter