AppSeed is a Full-Stack web app generator that allows you to choose a visual theme and apply it on a full, but flexible, technology stack in just a few minutes, greatly improving development time from visual design to application deployment.


AppSeed aim to automate the boring part of the development, especially the bottom layer of a Full-Stack application. The majority of Github Full-Stack starters are facing two major issues:

  • Lack of support if you want to use a starter and hit a problem that you can't handle, you're stuck at that point.
  • The missing UI kit It's quite usefull to have a stable stack in React and Express, or Vue and Flask, but the UI kit it's a must to move forward with your project.

So basically, AppSeed it's a problem solver for this two issues mentioned above. As a conclusion, all developers that interact with our service in any way, will receive free or paid support and a UI Kit integrated into their preferred stack.

Design Pattern

All apps generated by AppSeed follow a common architecture described below:

  • The front-end and the back-end are isolated (decoupled architecture). The communication is done through ajax calls. The backend and frontend are delivered in separate zip files.
  • The UI is fully functional, with login/logout features. (registration will be added in the near future for all generated apps)

Lastly, this is how to use a Full-Stack app built with our service:

  • Start the back-end. To do so, unzip the back-end archive, and follow the instructions saved in README
  • Start the front-end app. To do so, unzip the archive, and follow the instructions saved in README

At this point, you should have an up and running full stack app with usable UI, stable in the technologies selected in the build phase.

Demo apps