Volt Dashboard Template

Free and open source Bootstrap 5 Admin Template

Volt is a free and open-source Bootstrap 5 powered admin dashboard with components, pages, and plugins that you can use to create an awesome admin interface. It also comes with a PRO Version with more pages, plugins, and components.

Bootstrap Template - Volt Dashboard

Features and Plugins

This product is built using the following widely used technologies:

  • Most popular CSS Framework Bootstrap

  • Productive workflow tool Gulp

  • Awesome CSS preprocessor Sass

100+ Components - There are more than 100 free Bootstrap 5 components included some of them being buttons, alerts, modals, date pickers, all nicely documented via the official components docs.

11 Example Pages - Volt brings 11 example pages including an overview, sign in, sign up, transactions page, and many more.

Lightweight Plugins - There are 3 lightweight and Vanilla JS plugins that come with Volt, namely a date picker, notification, and charts library.

Tooling - Sass files and a Gulp commands file that will let you build minified and un-minified project files with the ability to even add certain blocks of code based on your environment.