Vue Argon Design with Express

Full-Stack App built on top of Argon Design integrated with Express

Product Description

Full-Stack Argon Design is coded in Vue.js and use Express server in the backend to become a fully functional app. The original frontend designed by Creative-Tim is enhanced with JWT authentication and communicates with the Express backend via Ajax calls.

The product is built on Two-Tier Architecture where the frontend and the backend are decoupled.

How to use it

In order to use the app, steps to be followed are:

Build the Express Backend

To build and start the Express server for this Full-Stack application please, read the README file and after, follow the steps:

$ git clone
cd express-starter

yarn # install dependencies
yarn start # start the app 

By default, the backend server starts on port 3000, and will expose two methods:

Build the Vue Argon Frontend

Steps to follow to build and use the Vue version of Argon Design (before the manual build, please read the README file, first)

$ git clone
cd argon-design-system

yarn # install dependencies
yarn start # start the app 

By default the app starts on port 8080. If all goes well, you may visit the application on http://localhost:8080.


For support please access the official support page or contact us directly on Discord.