Admin Dashboards

Admin Dashboards coded in Flask Microframework.

What is a Dashboard?

Data dashboards organize, store, and display important information from multiple data sources into one, easy-to-access place. The information is shown based on a logical relevance, for instance: weekly sales, traffic growth, usually boring information, presented in a "catchy" way. You can read here, a much more detailed definition for data dashboards.

Common features

Flask Dashboard Argon

Flask Dashboard Argon is built on top of a fully responsive, pixel-perfect design, crafted by Creative-Tim and coded in Flask.

Flask Dashboard Argon, cover photo.

Flask Dashboard Light

Flask Dashboard Light, the well-known designed by Creative-Tim, coded in Flask.

Flask Dashboard Light, cover photo.

Flask Dashboard Black

Flask Dashboard Black, an open-source admin dashboard coded in Flask built on top of Creative-Tim design.

Flask Dashboard Black, cover photo.


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